VIDEO: Chicago Community Holds Black And Brown Unity March After Clash Between Gangs

CHICAGO- A Black Lives Matter protest was held Wednesday, June 4th, in Chicago’s Hispanic community. It comes after Latino and African American gangs clashed in the Little Village neighborhood, with reports of shootings and random acts of violence.

Now community leaders are trying to unify the community by leading a march for unity through the streets, where most of the violence happened.

According to Fox32 in Chicago “Organizers blame the city and Chicago Police for closing the downtown area, saying it pushed troublemakers into neighborhoods like Little Village.

“Yes, there was violence. Yes, brown people hurt black people. And yes, the police stood there and did nothing,” said protester Fanny Diego.

The protesters say Hispanics and African Americans share a history of oppression and subjugation, and should be working together to force change, not fighting one another.

“We’re here because we don’t want to continue to fight. We love our brothers and sisters in our community, in the black community and we’re here to stand up for black lives,” said Rebecca Martinez of Todo El Pueblo.

The peaceful march ended with protesters silently taking a knee in the middle of 26th Street, symbolic of George Floyd’s death.

One thought on “VIDEO: Chicago Community Holds Black And Brown Unity March After Clash Between Gangs

  1. The white supremacist dream come true you all fighting each other. Wake up we are of the same struggle. Love each other and rise.


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