Video: Missouri Police Officer Hits A Man With His Patrol Car.. Caught On Doorbell Camera

A Missouri police officer is now suspended and under investigation after he rammed a suspect running on foot, with an unmarked car. This happened in Florissant, MO, it’s about 15 miles north of St. Louis.

The man, who police did not name, was detained after he was thought to be the driver of a vehicle involved another incident on June 2. However, It has emerged that he was not the person they were looking for but he now faces charges of resisting arrest and drug possession. The man was also taken to the hospital for an ankle injury.

The video was first posted by RealSTLMedia, it captures the moment the man is hit by the detective’s unmarked patrol car.

A small protest of about 100 people was held Sunday outside the Florissant Police Department with residents demanding the detective be fired. Barricades were set up outside police headquarters and the National Guard also parked an armored vehicle outside the building.

The incident has also been kicked up to St. Louis County PD and the FBI for further investigation.

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