Miami Rapper Arrested For Posting Flyers For Upcoming Show

Published: March, 2nd 2020 UPDATED: March, 3rd 2020

This happened in Wynwood Miami Florida

In the video you see an officer speaking with the man about placing flyers on private property. The man, Landon Kinchelow also known by his hip hop name Geovonniex, agreed to take the flyer down.

The officer then asks him for his ID and the man asserts his rights and asks “why do you need my ID?, what have I done wrong”?

The officer then tells the man he is detained but the officer does not provide a reason for said detainment.

The man then proceeds to walk away.

The officer approaches the man in an aggressive manner.

A small struggle ensues as the man is clearly confused as to why he is being detained.

The officer then cuffs the man and awaits for back up units.

Repeatedly the man and onlookers ask why is he being detained and why is he being arrested.

None of the officers at anytime say why the man is being detained or arrested. 

A women in the video then claims the property in which the man posted the flyer has now been given permission by an employee of said property to post the flyer. 

At the end of the video you hear another officer which we think is a sergeant say take him out of the car pat him down put him back in the car and take him too jail.

After posting bond, he was released a day later.

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