Raleigh Police Release Body Cam Video Of Officer-Involved Shooting, Man Charged


The Community in Raleigh, North Carolina demanded answers after the police shooting of 26 Year-old Javier Torres. Demonstrators took to the streets, marched to the governors mansion and even the chief of police’s mansion. The Chief of police Deck-Brown blames the spread of false information on social media, for the surge in protest. However the community claims it’s deeper than that.

In January, a Raleigh officer shot and killed Keith Dutree Collins, 52, after a 911 call of someone with a gun, that turned out to be a BB gun. In 2019, in the same strip mall where Torres was first spotted, an officer shot and killed Soheil Mojarrad. The officer alleged Mojarrad wouldn’t drop a knife. The officer’s body-cam was not on but the officer was cleared of all wrongdoing. And now this.

Someone called 911 to report they had seen a gun.

“He’s flashing it around,” the caller said, according to WRAL. “Not sure he’s using the gun, but he’s flashing.”

When the first responding officer arrives Mr Torres is already walking toward his next destination. That’s when the second responding officer arrives and Mr Torres began to run away.

One officer began chase on foot while the other tried to use his vehicle to block Mr. Torres pathway but failed. The chase proceeded into a trailer park.

During the chase, Mr. Torres was shot one time by a responding officer. He was transported to a nearby hospital by EMS. A handgun was found at the scene. He was charged with resisting arrest.

The editor of the video chose to freeze frame the moment of gun however we choose to slow that moment down and it appears Mr. Torres was shot after tossing the gun. How about police release the full video, no edits nor the power of suggestion.

Reduction in video Speed

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