People Are Claiming Latino Gangs Are Targeting Black People in Cicero, Illinois

There is a trend emerging on social media that Latino gangs in Cicero, Illinois are targeting African Americans in random acts of violence. A person on twitter warns all “black people to stay away from 26th and Cicero/ Cermak and Cicero” she alleges all black people are being targeted.

Another user claimed people rammed their godsons car, chased him and his friends beat him with bottles and tried to run him over with a truck.

This user on Facebook claims she was boxed in by Latino gang and they broke out her windows and the Cicero police allowed it to happen

Another Twitter user describes sitting a red light when 5 people attacked her and another woman, breaking their windows to their car.

Another man on Facebook alleges he was going to the gas station in Cicero when he was approached by Mexicans, who started pummeling his car, forcing him to run for his life.

More users describe the same experience here are a few:

This Thread is still devolving

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